Weight Watchers Activelink Activity Monitor Brand New

Weight Watchers Activelink Activity Brand New

Weight Watchers Activelink Activity Monitor Brand New

by Weight Watchers

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  • Must Have an Active Weight Watchers Online Account Or E-Tools Subscription
  • You Also Have To Pay An Extra $5 Subcription Fee To Link This Monitor To Your Account
  • Can Not Be Returned Once The Seal On Box Is Opened
  • Price: $55.00
  • $40.00 List Price
  • In Stock
  • Usually ships in 1-2 business days
  • Ships and sold by Overview StopandShop

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This small but mighty addition to your plan can help you get up and get more active. An additional ActiveLinkTM subscription of $5 per month is required, which can be purchased during the activation process and automatically renews each month until you cancel. ActiveLink combines a state of the art activity monitor with a personal Web experience to seamlessly help you set personalized goals, track your activity, and motivate you to reach those goals. It just might change the way you get active. Take the ActiveLink monitor with you wherever you go, whether youre taking the stairs or going on a hike. Its easy. Simply wear the ActiveLink monitor. Its three-way accelerometer will track your moves, so you can seamlessly sync your activity with your Weight Watchers Online account. Then all your moves can count toward activity PointsPlus® values. Before you purchase the ActiveLink monitor, you must have a current subscription to Weight Watchers Online. The ActiveLink monitor cannot be returned once the packaging seal is broken. Inside your ActiveLink package, you will find more information on how to activate it. ActiveLink is for your personal non-commercial use only and is not transferable.
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A great product and it really motivates me..., October 20, 2012
Bluegrass Jill (Kentucky)
I love the activity monitor. I think why people are having problems is that you have to get your base activity in before it gives you activity points. For example, I can walk 4 miles in a hour and get 0 points but it does say I met something like 40% of my goal for the day. Then as I do other stuff around the house, since I have met my base activity level, it starts to add on AP.

However, if I do household stuff first, running up and down the stairs doing laundry and so on, then I go on my 1 hour walk, when I am done it will say 5 points or whatever I earned that day. It is not making a mistake, it is just in one case it starts at 0% the walks meets my baseline goal and another day if I have already met my baseline, it starts adding on AP.

I love how it integrates into my WW page, on a tab next to where I log my food. I love how it doesn't come off like a pedometer does. It stays put.

In my opinion there are two negatives.
1. I wish I could.

People love to cheat, February 10, 2013
Hilary In Ridgecrest (Ridgecrest, CA)
I hate to be the party pooper here, but let's call a spade a spade. Weight Watchers is challenging and people would rather cheat than stick to the real guidelines. People who say ActiveLink isn't giving them as many points as they think they should get are fooling themselves. I am a teacher and on my feet all day. I earn about 1-2 points for being on my feet from 7:00am - 2:00pm at school. If I were to use the chart in the back of the guide book, I'd be giving myself around 8-16 points a day just for work, not to mention the daily walk I take after school. ActiveLink helps to show me that I need to meet my baseline first and not to overestimate how hard I'm working. After a day of work and a 30 minute walk I get 3 points for the day.

There is a woman in my Weight Watchers group who is about my size and age. She claims that she gets 15 points for an hour of spin class. She says she earn 30 activity points a week for two hours. What do I have to say about this.

Big Disappointment, August 31, 2012
K. Baker (So. California, USA)
The only activity that the ActiveLink seems to assess correctly for me is running. One hour of high intensity Circuit Training doesn't give me any points (!) and I can tell you that it's at least as intense as jogging. When I am through ActiveLink shows only 16 minutes of *moderate* activity. Naming my activity and changing the intensity level on the website does nothing.

I also agree with Jessica: "The WORST flaw? You are married to the device. You cannot manually add APs on eTools." There is no way to manually correct the erroneous results from ActiveLink.

Before I bought it, I liked the fact that it is waterproof, but I also get zero points for an hour of swimming so there's not much point in wearing it when I swim.

I have been on Live Chat and called the Support Number. Both have told me they cannot help me. The next level up of support is supposed to be contacting me next week.

I wanted to use this device to automatically measure my.

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